IT Support for High School “Vuksan Djukic”

Brskovo Mine is proud to announce its donation of 10 new desktop computers along with necessary software and hardware to “Vuksan Djukic” High School. The initiative aims to enhance the learning experience for students and facilitate administrative tasks for staff members.

Under the guidance of Brskovo Mine’s IT Coordinator, Jovan Ilic, in collaboration with the school’s IT manager, the selection, procurement, and installation of the equipment were efficiently carried out, ensuring readiness for the upcoming school year.

Commenting on the donation, the General Manager of Brskovo Mine emphasized the importance of IT proficiency for students aspiring to enter the workforce, particularly in industries such as mining. He highlighted the diverse range of tasks within the mining sector, including administration, design, data management, and environmental monitoring, underscoring the pivotal role that technology plays in these fields.

“We believe that equipping students with essential IT skills will empower them to become future contributors, supervisors, and leaders in our projects,” stated the General Manager of Brskovo Mine Richard Boffey.

Brskovo Mine remains committed to supporting educational initiatives that foster skill development and prepare the next generation of professionals for success in the evolving workplace landscape.