The Kindergarten “Jevrosima Jevra Rabrenović” Expands with a Nursery

Brskovo Mine proudly announces its support for the kindergarten “Jevrosima Jevra Rabrenović”, a vital institution serving the community. In 2022, the kindergarten expanded its services to include a nursery catering to children aged 10-24 months, thanks to the generous financial backing from Brskovo Mine. Currently, 18 nursery-aged children are benefiting from this new facility.

In addition to facilitating the establishment of the nursery, Brskovo Mine has also contributed funds to enhance the heating systems of both the school and kindergarten buildings, ensuring a comfortable environment for children and staff during the winter months.

During a recent visit to the kindergarten, Brskovo Mine staff members Gordana Vucetic, Ljubica Tolic, and Milijanka Maras were warmly welcomed by the acting director. The visit provided an opportunity for the staff to interact with both the dedicated educators and the children, fostering a deeper connection with the community they serve. As a gesture of appreciation, the staff and children shared a moment together, enjoying fresh fruit and a brief rest.

We are honored to support the “Jevrosima Jevra Rabrenović” kindergarten in its mission to provide quality early childhood education and care. Brskovo Mine will continue to prioritize initiatives that promote education, health, and community welfare as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts.